What To Expect During Asbestos Roof Removal In Modesto

Posted by CVE Corp. on Apr 26, 2018 11:38:00 AM

Most modern materials are asbestos-free. However, building materials used in home construction dating back even a decade may have some elements of asbestos in them. Due to this, it's crucial to take advantage of asbestos removal services like CVE Corp. in Modesto. If the issue is related to the roof, here is what to expect during the process.

Day of Asbestos Removal

At the beginning of the day, you are informed of what will happen and how to stay safe during the job. Neighbors will be informed and signs will go up informing residents of asbestos removal. You will be told to follow some basic rules during the removal process. This includes keeping all doors and windows closed. You will want to keep your pets away and, if you hang clothes on a clothesline, you may want to remove these items (plus take in any covers for your patio furniture as well). In general, the asbestos removal process does not affect your lawn or other areas of the property, but it is always best to be safe and take fabrics inside for safe keeping.

The roofing material is removed without breaking the sheeting. Once removed, the decontamination process begins, which includes the removal of insulation and other hazardous material. Specially designed asbestos vacuum cleaners are used to grab every fiber and bit of material. Upon completion, an encapsulating spray is used in order to secure any possible fibers that may be missed during the vacuuming process. This locks everything in place and prevents it from moving out. All roofing material is checked and cleared before going back to your roof.

Removing Asbestos From the Site

Every piece of asbestos roofing is generally wrapped in specially designed plastic. It is stacked on the ground and then moved via a truck to the waste facility, where the asbestos can be disposed of safely and correctly.

Removing asbestos, regardless of where it's located in your home, will help protect your family and everyone else living inside. So whether you have just moved in and are interested in an asbestos test, have identified the problem and need professionals to remove the dangerous material, or have questions about the services offered, make sure to contact CVE Corp. for all your asbestos removal in Modesto needs.

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