Dos and Don’ts of Asbestos Removal

Posted by CVE Corp. on Oct 25, 2018 11:33:00 PM

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that occurs naturally, and is found in soil and rocks. Because of its strength and resistance to heat, it was widely used in construction for cements, roofing shingles, textured paint, and floor and ceiling tiles. However, the fibers of asbestos can be inhaled, and result in health conditions such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer and others. Given its well-documented danger to humans, it is not used any longer, but can still be found in older constructions. When found in a building, asbestos removal is necessary. However, you must take considerable care when removing and disposing of asbestos.

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What to Expect on the Day of Asbestos Abatement in your San Diego Property

Posted by CVE Corp. on Sep 15, 2018 11:55:00 AM

Prior to 1990, many home bathrooms were built using asbestos sheeting due to its durability, simplicity, and waterproof nature. But asbestos when disturbed can irritate the lung tissue and cause health problems, which can be a danger to homeowners and property owners. Our team at CVE Corp. has over 25 years of industry experience, the latest technology, and innovative techniques, and highly educated employees. If you're wondering what to expect from asbestos abatement removal in San Diego, we're here to let you know.

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Topics: asbestos abatement in San Diego

Asbestos Abatement Safety Tips for San Diego

Posted by CVE Corp. on Jun 15, 2018 6:22:00 AM

Blog 1Homes and businesses built before the 1970's can often contain asbestos-based materials. Many people who start renovations on their own are unaware of what asbestos looks like or what materials are made using it. This can result in exposure to high levels of asbestos that can cause a variety of chronic health conditions. Instead of trying to get rid of the asbestos yourself, you can rely on our CVE Corp. professionals who specialize in asbestos abatement in San Diego.

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Where Could Asbestos Be In Your San Luis Obispo Home?

Posted by CVE Corp. on May 24, 2018 11:34:00 AM

Where Could Asbestos Be Inside Your San Luis Obispo Home?

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Important Facts to Know About Asbestos and Asbestos Removal in San Diego

Posted by CVE Corp. on Dec 15, 2017 7:10:04 AM


You've probably heard about the dangers of asbestos. It's a building material used during previous decades in a number of manufactured hardware. You also probably know it is recommended to have the material removed from the house as well. However, do you know exactly what the danger of asbestos is and how it may affect those inside the house?

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Topics: Asbestos Abatement, asbestos abatement in San Diego

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