Essentials You Must Know About Lead Abatement, Inspection, & Risk Assessment

Posted by CVE Corp. on Jan 14, 2019 11:21:00 PM

The most common home-based source of exposure to lead is deteriorating lead-based paint, and the dust that results from it. Lead exposure can lead to lead poisoning. This is why it is crucial to have a lead paint inspection, abatement, and risk assessment conducted by certified professionals. If you live in an old house, it is a good idea to have it inspected for lead paint and asbestos. If these harmful materials are detected, you may want to contact one of the top asbestos abatement companies San Diego to properly remove and dispose the lead and asbestos found in your property.

Lead Abatement, Inspection, and Risk Assessment

Lead abatement is a process that is designed to control exposure to other lead containing materials such as tile on a permanent basis. In the lead abatement process, paint might be removed or sealed off with a product that has been approved specifically for this purpose. Bare soil that is contaminated by lead can be covered or removed. In some cases, abatement companies in San Diego need to provide temporary measures in order to control lead hazards until a permanent action can be taken. These temporary measures are known as “interim controls.” However, you should bear in mind that permanent action should be also taken as soon as possible.

As a reminder, while we can inspect a property, we are not able to collect samples. This would be a testing company which is not something we can do.

A lead-based paint and lead containing materials risk assessment is conducted to identify lead-based paint hazards. Apart from identifying such hazards, the risk assessment report will also include recommendations for specific measures that can be taken to reduce the hazards. It will primarily inspect deteriorated paint, and analyze dust, water, and soil. The risk assessment will also provide options for lead-hazard control, and on how to avoid or eliminate exposure to lead.

Get Top-Notch Services for Lead and Asbestos Removal

If you suspect that your property has asbestos or lead-based paint, and you want to remove them, you should hire one of the best asbestos removal companies in San Diego – CVE Corp. They provide high-quality services to give you world-class results, making your property safe for everyone. To find out more, call us at 619-838-4035 or email us at

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