Claims Conference of Northern California

Posted by CVE Corp. on Sep 6, 2018 11:08:00 AM

CCNC celebrated is 25th annual conference this August in Squaw Valley, California. CVE has been a proud attendee for many years now and this year was no different. Our team was able to not only exhibit in their expo hall, but become a gold sponsor to make sure the event team had everything to make this event a success!

Allen K., from our North Bay team, and Allie R., from our San Diego Team, made the trip to the beautifully scenic Tahoe mountains in late August. Allen has been attending this great event for claims professionals for almost 20 years. We know its important to keep touch with all of our partners for continued success and trust over the years. So many attendees knew Allen and CVE from partnerships over the years, it was amazing to see the reach of our company's efforts across the state and beyond!

Though our booth was downstairs in the dimly lit lodge, it didn't stop a few hundred folks from stopping by and saying hello! Adjusters adored our desktop Jenga kits and loved that a demolition contractor could do something so fun and different from the standard note pads and drink coozies. The huge jars are candy and full size chocolate bars didn't hurt either. People kept coming back for their sugar fix! 

To celebrate its 25 year, the CCNC team hosted their Silver anniversary at High Camp. After a nerve racking tramp ride to 8,000 ft elevation, our team was greeted with breathtaking views of the valley, the mountains and the very cool olympic rings from the 1960 winter olympics. While our team definitely got a little nervous towards the edge of the platform, they were able to get some amazing photos! Downstairs in the restaurant, they were treated to a pasta bar and some great games! Once 8pm rolled around it was time to dance and make s'mores! It was a great night for vendors and adjusters alike!

As the last day of the conference wound down, the vendors were treated to a great presentation about how to be a better marketer and sales person by asking the right questions. Shawn Fair taught the attendees how to ask more than, "Any jobs for me?" With the right probing questions, we can uncover why a firm isn't giving you work. By taking a few more minutes, we can isolate the reason they are "slow" but still giving jobs to another competitor. We highly recommend connecting with him on LinkedIn to keep up with his insight.

After our team broke down, we were able to go visit a local job site our Fresno Team has had running off an on for over a year. Our team took a run over to Tahoe Elementary School. Our team has been running a huge demolition and abatement schedule on the school since 2017. Frank is a great team leader and his crew up there is top notch!


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