Asbestos Removal in San Diego - All These Household Items Contain Asbestos

Posted by CVE Corp. on Mar 20, 2018 11:17:00 AM

Everyone has seen the late night infomercials about asbestos exposure and its dangers from working with the material, but what most of us don’t understand is the significant presence of asbestos in our homes. The average person is not trained to recognize this hazardous material. Here is a short list of things to keep an eye out for in your own home, to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Check your appliances

Asbestos can withstand high temperatures, which is what made it a popular material in household appliances that might overheat. Asbestos fibers have been detected in everything from ovens and broilers to deep fryers, popcorn machines, dishwashers, pot holders, toasters, slow cookers, and dryers. Newer models may not be made with asbestos, but the older the model, the higher the chances of the material's presence. An asbestos removal company in San Diego can safely dispose of these older appliances.

Examine personal items

You would be surprised to know that your electric blankets and curling irons may have asbestos in them. A lot of older items tend to use the material, so also check your heaters.

We Offer Asbestos Removal Services in San Diego

The presence of asbestos in your household need not be a cause for alarm if you have all the information you need. For help with disposal or any advice on how best to manage this material, get in touch with our team today and schedule a free inspection.

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